Developing Dynamic Disciples fully equipped, rooted and grounded for the work of effective ministry and true Kingdom impact.

FBCG is fully committed to providing academic programs that ensure personal Christian growth for the students.  It also provides solid biblical foundations in a challenging environment for students who want to pursue further study leading to Christian service.

All classes are available for church members as well as community members who desire to embark on systematic Christ-centered studies.

Academic Calendar

The Institutes typically holds two annual sessions, one in the fall and one in the spring.  Occasionally, winter and summer classes and/or seminars are offered as well.  The actual dates for courses and registration will be announced and posted on the church website.

Fee Schedule

Registration Fee (non-refundable)$  5.00
Course Fee*Individual$35.00
 Senior Citizens$20.00

Course books and materials are NOT included in the class fee unless otherwise stated in the course description.

*Note that some courses require a materials fee or may have a cost structure that varies from the usual fees.

Refund Schedule*

The registration fee is non-refundable. Course fees are refunded as follows:

Prior to first class:100%
After first class:50%
After second class:No refund

*If you register for a course during late registration, the refund schedule is applicable.


Grading System

90-100 A
80-89 B
70-79 C
60-69 D
R Below 60 (repeat course)
CMP Complete (ungraded course)
I Incomplete*
DRP Dropped
NS No-show
* Incomplete grades must be completed prior to the start of the next semester.

Course Withdrawal

If a student needs to withdraw from a course, please inform the instructor and also email There is no refund after the second class.

Course Test-Out

Students who have prior expertise in an area of study may test out of the course and receive credit.  Test-Out exam fees are paid at a 50% discount.  Testing is regularly scheduled in May and November of each year and also may be arranged at other times, through The Institutes.

Class Evaluation

After completing a class, please share your feedback so that we are continuously improving.

Accreditation Statement

By design, The Institutes is not accredited by any certifying organization and does not offer degrees or transferable credits. We desire to offer courses and curricula as led by the Holy Spirit, without restrictions that accrediting organizations might impose. FBCG partners with several reputable, accredited Christian institutions that award degrees and offer more advanced studies for those who are interested.

Strategic Alliances

First Baptist Church of Glenarden International has strategic alliances and partnerships with the following institutions of higher learning and organizations:
  1. Must be saved and a member in good standing with First Baptist Church of Glenarden International, which means:
    • Regularly attends worship and prayer services
    • Committed to/involved in at least one ministry of the church
    • Active in a teaching ministry
    • Financially supports the church through tithes and offerings
    • Regularly attends Communion service
  2. Must submit a Teacher Application along with a ministry reference letter.
  3. Must sign the FBCG Doctrinal statement.
  4. Must complete the following Institute classes (prior experience/training or test out may be substituted with approval of Pastor Jenkins and/or the Education & Training Ministries department head):
    Introduction to Christian EducationNew Testament Survey
    Church DoctrineTeaching Techniques
    Old Testament Survey, Parts I & IIHow To Study the Bible
    How to Share the Gospel (ACCT/CWT) 
  5. Must attend In-Service Training and Leadership Training (as scheduled).
  6. Must observe the class that you want to teach, unless waived by the ministry leader.
  7. Must have a satisfactory evaluation by ministry leader.
  8. Exceptions to the above criteria are at the discretion of Pastor Jenkins and/or the Education & Training Ministries department head.