Our Leaders

Furthermore, you shall select out of all the people able men who fear God, men of truth, those who hate dishonest gain; and you shall place these over them as leaders of thousands, of hundreds, of fifties and of tens. - Exodus 18:21


Pastor John K. Jenkins Sr.


Elder Wilbur Barham


Elder Stanley Featherstone


Elder James Johnson


Elder William Jones


Elder Freddie Sanford


Elder Thomas Sims Jr.


Ministry Department Heads

Reverend William Berkeley
Children & Youth Ministries


Helen Bryant
Helps Ministries


Reverend Belynda Gentry
Missions Ministries


Reverend Esther Gordon
Education & Training Ministries


Reverend Stephen Hurd
Music & Arts Ministries


First Lady Trina Jenkins
Family Life Ministries


Elder Thomas Sims Jr.
Special Ministries


Reverend Cynthia Terry
President, SHABACH! Ministries


Pastoral Staff

Reverend Annie Darden
Associate Pastor


Reverend Duane Dickens Sr.
Special Assistant to the Pastor


Reverend Beverly Little
Assistant Director, Couples Ministry


Reverend Ulysses (Skip) Little
Director, Couples Ministry


Dr. Johnny Parker
Director, Spiritual Cares


Dr. Gloria Miller Perrin
Associate Pastor


Reverend Jonathan Z. Queen
 Youth Pastor


Elder Thomas Sims Jr.
Senior Pastoral Assistant


Reverend Patricia Singleton
Children’s Pastor


Reverend Sheryl Smith
Senior Cares Pastor


Church Business Operations

Dr. Joseph E. Jones Sr.
Chief Operating Officer


Reverend Lettie Carr
Director, Ministry & Administrative Support Staff


Elder Stanley Featherstone
Director, Facilities & Strategic Projects


Stacey Fleming
Director, Events


Ronald Ferguson
Director, Safety & Security


Deacon William Gentry
Chief Financial Officer


Robert George
Construction Project Manager


Deaconess Thelma Hagood
Director, Human Resources


Jay Holloway
Director, Productions


Keisha Lewis
Director, Communications


Wanda Milian
Director, Media Center


Associate Ministers

Reverend Milton Holt Sr., President
  • Reverend David Abercrombie
  • Minister Diane Akers
  • Minister Reggie J. Alexander
  • Minister Alan C. Andrews
  • Reverend Sherri Barnes
  • Reverend Debora R. Barr
  • Minister Gloria W. Baylor
  • Reverend William Berkeley Jr. 
  • Reverend Adamio Boddie
  • Minister Michael Brewington
  • Reverend Harold Brinkley
  • Minister Joy Briscoe
  • Reverend Vincent Briscoe
  • Minister Richard Brown
  • Reverend Gail Bussell
  • Reverend Lettie Carr
  • Minister Antonio Cheeks
  • Minister Ann Green Cherry
  • Minister Suzette Chiles
  • Reverend Audrey Daniel
  • Reverend Annie Darden
  • Minister Michael Davis
  • Minister Sammie Davis Jr.
  • Reverend Duane Dickens Sr.
  • Minister Vernessa Dickens
  • Reverend Keshia Dixon
  • Minister Angela Eugene
  • Reverend Veronica Fennell
  • Reverend John Fortt
  • Minister Joyce M. Frazier
  • Reverend Angelia Garner
  • Minister J. Marie Garrett
  • Reverend Belynda Gentry
  • Minister Walter George
  • Reverend Esther Gordon
  • Minister Glenn Grayer II
  • Reverend Walter M. Harris Jr.
  • Minister Sylvester Harvey
  • Reverend Carolyn Hipkins
  • Minister Sharon Honor
  • Minister Mary Howell
  • Reverend Stephen Hurd
  • Minister Joshua Jenkins
  • Minister Velina Johnson
  • Minister Willie Jolley
  • Minister Anthony Jones
  • Minister Gayle Jones
  • Reverend Kay Drake Jones
  • Dr. Joseph Jones Sr.
  • Reverend Kwame Kankam-Boadu
  • Minister Cynthia Kelly
  • Reverend Beverly Little
  • Reverend Skip Little
  • Minister Keith Lynch
  • Minister James Matthews
  • Minister Jacqueline D. McCoy
  • Reverend Josephine A. Miller
  • Minister Sherreill Myers
  • Reverend Byron Neal
  • Reverend Keionna Neal
  • Minister Patricia Padgett-Snead
  • Reverend Johnny Parker
  • Reverend W. Nikki Pearson
  • Reverend Gloria Miller Perrin
  • Minister Gwendolyn Pete
  • Minister Patrick Pete
  • Reverend Jonathan Queen
  • Minister Lenia Queen
  • Minister Donna Reid
  • Minister Chris Richardson
  • Reverend Dr. I. Maxine Robinson
  • Minister Dawn Sanders
  • Minister John Sawyer
  • Reverend Donald Shell
  • Minister Robin Shell
  • Minister Donnie Simons
  • Reverend Patricia Singleton
  • Minister Argie D. Smith
  • Reverend Sheryl Smith
  • Minister Cheryl Steplight
  • Minister Concetta Sumner
  • Reverend Gloria Sweringa
  • Reverend Iris Tate
  • Reverend Cynthia Terry
  • Reverend Hugh Thomas
  • Reverend Linda Thomas
  • Reverend Norman Thomas
  • Minister Tonya Thomas
  • Reverend Thurman Thorne
  • Minister Vernette Thorne
  • Minister Patricia Trivers
  • Minister Alvin D. Tucker Sr.
  • Minister Cheryl Tucker
  • Reverend Annette Vaughn
  • Minister Robin Waley
  • Reverend Michele Williams
  • Minister Lew Williams
  • Reverend Malcom Williams
  • Reverend Thea A. Wilson
  • Reverend William E. Young

Deacons Ministry

Deacon Michael Gilliam

  • Deacon Keith Adams
  • Deacon Rickie J. America Sr.
  • Deacon Jesse Anderson
  • Elder Wilbur Barham
  • Deacon Craig Barnes
  • Deacon Kenneth Barnes
  • Deacon Michael Barnes
  • Deacon Jeffrey Barnett
  • Deacon Gurnie Blunt
  • Deacon Mark Branch
  • Deacon Larry Bussell
  • Deacon Jeffrey Butler
  • Deacon Thelonious Carroll
  • Deacon James Chiles
  • Deacon Robert Clark
  • Deacon William Clayborne Jr.
  • Deacon Steven Corey-Bey
  • Deacon Kristan Curry Sr.
  • Deacon Charles Dansby
  • Deacon Emerson Davis
  • Deacon James Davis
  • Deacon Thomas Dubose
  • Deacon Charles L. Dunton Sr.
  • Deacon Ronald Etheridge
  • Elder Stanley Featherstone
  • Deacon Thomas Ferguson
  • Deacon Michael Flowers Sr.
  • Deacon Gregory Foster
  • Deacon Bobby Garner
  • Deacon William G. Gentry Jr.
  • Deacon Michael Gilliam
  • Deacon Brent S. Gilmore
  • Deacon Christopher Gray
  • Deacon Alfred Green
  • Deacon Paul Griffin Jr.
  • Deacon Giles Hagood
  • Deacon Darrell Haley
  • Deacon Chris Harrod
  • Deacon Keith Hinds
  • Deacon Lou Holder
  • Deacon Robert Hunt
  • Deacon Perry Hugee
  • Deacon Darryn Hyman
  • Deacon Joseph Jackson
  • Elder James M. Johnson
  • Deacon Luther Jones
  • Elder William Jones
  • Deacon Stanley Jones Jr. 
  • Deacon Michael Julius
  • Deacon William Keene
  • Deacon Yale T. Lewis
  • Deacon Henry Lloyd
  • Deacon Robert Malone
  • Deacon Lawrence McCoy
  • Deacon Roderick McCray
  • Deacon Rickey McCullough
  • Deacon Eric McFarland
  • Deacon Kevin L. McIntyre
  • Deacon David Moore
  • Deacon Joseph Morgan
  • Deacon Arthur Neal Jr.
  • Deacon Andre Orange
  • Deacon Juan Powell
  • Deacon Mark Rhyns
  • Deacon Glenn Richardson
  • Deacon Michael A. Richardson Sr. 
  • Deacon Stanley Rodgers
  • Elder Freddie Sanford
  • Deacon Norman Simms
  • Deacon Calvin Skinner
  • Deacon Douglas Smith
  • Deacon Darrell Spears
  • Deacon Christopher M. Streeter
  • Deacon George Tate
  • Deacon William Tatem Jr.
  • Deacon Charles H. Thomas
  • Deacon John C. Thomas
  • Deacon Brent White Jr.
  • Deacon Ronald Wilson
  • Deacon Lawrence E. Winters
  • Deacon Cedric Wormley

Deaconess Ministry

Deaconess Bridgett G. Smith

  • Deaconess Doretha Abney
  • Deaconess Janice Allen
  • Deaconess Patricia America
  • Deaconess Brenda Anderson
  • Deaconess Susie J. Barfield
  • Deaconess Sonia Barham
  • Deaconess Aundria Branch
  • Deaconess Pamela M. Butler
  • Deaconess Sharon Carroll
  • Deaconess Doris Colclough
  • Deaconess Melissa Curry
  • Deaconess Sharron Q. Dansby
  • Deaconess Corrine W. Davis
  • Deaconess Julia Davis
  • Deaconess Loretta J. Dunton
  • Deaconess Linda Etheridge
  • Deaconess Angelette Featherstone
  • Deaconess Claudia V. Flowers
  • Deaconess Elisa Gilmore
  • Deaconess Carol Grant
  • Deaconess Daphne Gray
  • Deaconess Betty Green
  • Deaconess Thelma Hagood
  • Deaconess Valerie B. Harvey
  • Deaconess Juanita Hawkins
  • Deaconess Yvette Haley
  • Deaconess Marilyn Hinds
  • Deaconess Patricia A. Holloway
  • Deaconess Patricia Jackson
  • Deaconess Jennie Jones
  • Deaconess Teresea R. Jones
  • Deaconess Elmira Lee
  • Deaconess Anita Lloyd
  • Deaconess Lessie Matthew
  • Deaconess Michele McCray
  • Deaconess Wanda McCullough
  • Deaconess Crystal McFarland
  • Deaconess Janette Moore
  • Deaconess Rosanne Moore
  • Deaconess Angelia Neal
  • Deaconess Olettia Plater
  • Deaconess Eugenia Powell
  • Deaconess Bernette Richardson
  • Deaconess  E. Bianca Rodgers
  • Deaconess Sandra Sanford
  • Deaconess Frances Simons
  • Deaconess Danielle Simms
  • Deaconess Lillie Sims
  • Deaconess Denise Streeter
  • Deaconess Willie B. Studgeon
  • Deaconess Evalena Walton
  • Deaconess Judy White
  • Deaconess Elizabeth A.F. Wormley
  • Deaconess Mary Wright