All Things New (ATN)

All Things New aids in the spiritual healing and growth of people who are currently struggling with or have previously experienced unwanted Same-Sex Attraction (SSA).

Beauty for Ashes (BFA)

Beauty for Ashes is an eight-week Bible study that tackles the challenges women face from the guilt of the devastating effects of an abortion decision. We create a safe and non-judgmental community for healing.

Brothers in Discipleship (BID)

Brothers in Discipleship uses a small-group setting to bring Christian men together for an in-depth exploration of God’s Word using the MasterLife curriculum. (Note: Participation in this ministry is by invitation only.)

Couples Focus Studies

Couples Focus Studies are six to 10-week intensive studies designed to address issues and concerns that marriages face. Classes are available year-round, and each focus study has a specific subject matter. The classes help couples gain a deeper knowledge of biblical principles and how to apply the principles to their marriage.

Couples in Discipleship (CID)

Couples in Discipleship is a 10-month discipleship ministry designed to foster greater intimacy between a husband, wife and Jesus Christ.



Divine Discipleship for Sisters (DDS)

DDS develops dynamic women to live Christ-centered lives through biblical and practical applications that embody the heart of Christ. DDS members develop godly relationships with other women and learn how to minister to others through the Word of God.

Home Run Marriages

Home Run Marriages helps married couples strengthen their communication, better manage conflict and score more at home using biblical tools and practical techniques.

Joshua’s Anointed Generation (JAG)

Joshua’s Anointed Generation also known as JAG helps young men (ages 18-35) develop discipline, character, confidence and a stronger commitment to Christ in a small-group setting.

Men’s Focus Studies

Leading men to spiritual maturity and an intimate relationship with God, this ministry offers short-term studies (three to 10 weeks) on various topics that men face.

Newlyweds in Discipleship (NID)

NID is a 10-month discipleship ministry for couples married three years or less. This ministry is designed to provide the tools necessary to have a godly marriage that can last a lifetime.

Queen Esther (QE)

Queen Esther is a ministry that develops godly women (target ages 18-35) through discipleship and disciplined application of God’s Word to effectively impact their families and communities.

Sisters for Your Journey (SFYJ)

SFYJ is designed to help women grow deeper and more intimate in their relationship with Christ. They learn how to love themselves and other women, and to build relationships with one another.

Sisters in Discipleship (SID)

Sisters in Discipleship trains committed and faithful women who demonstrate the necessary discipline for duplicating godly principles in the lives of other women. (Note: Participation in this ministry is by invitation only.)

Tamar Ministry 

If you’ve been sexually abused, Tamar provides spiritual healing through a peaceful environment. Women learn to trust one another and be open about their past experiences.

Training Faithful Men (TFM)

Training Faithful Men is a nine-month discipleship program that seeks to raise up adult men to demonstrate the marks of faithful men as defined by the teachings of Jesus Christ.


Women’s Focus Studies (WFS)

If you are a busy woman, then Focus Studies will work for you. Each short-term study (on average, four-to-seven weeks) offers biblically sound studies to meet the needs of women in every season of their lives.