2022 Church Theme

“God is STILL Doing a New Thing" at the First Baptist Church of Glenarden International!

Our church theme for 2022 is a continuation of the new thing that began in 2021. This “new” thing that God is doing comes from Isaiah 43:19. It involves making a road in the wilderness and rivers in the desert! Only God can do this because He is the One who created the wilderness and the desert. If He created them, surely He can change them.

God brought us through a hellish year. He needed to destroy and get rid of some things in our hearts and in our lives (pride, arrogance and dependence on resources/savings/investments, etc.) to remind us that we were created to give Him glory.

He is telling us that it is time to embrace a new thing! He is about to do something brand new that supersedes little individual things. The thing that He is going to do is so big and amazing that it is beyond comprehension and imagination. It can only be described as a God thing!


God is STILL Doing a New Thing 

God is Doing a New Thing – Part 1

God is Doing a New Thing – Part 2

God is Doing a New Thing – Part 3