Season of Prayer & Giving

NOV. 7 - NOV. 29, 2022

Join us as we embark on a daily prayer and giving journey starting Monday, Nov. 7.

Participate from anywhere in the world as we enter into God’s presence leading up to our Night of Prayer on Tuesday, Nov. 29. Prayer is our direct access point to God, a powerful tool in the life of every believer. We will use teaching, demonstration, testimonies, and live streaming on our online prayer platform to call our church into a focused season where we pray and trust God to respond. We are also encouraging you to use this as an opportunity to contribute to the community and the less fortunate. We’ve partnered with several organizations to provide a trusted way to give cheerfully and to provide support.

Ways to Participate

  1. Daily Devotion & Prayer Join us here every weekday at noon for a 20-minute devotional and prayer addressing our daily theme.
  2. Night of Prayer, Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2022, at 7 p.m. ET. (FBCG Worship Center and Online) Our 29 days of prayer will culminate on the Night of Prayer, where we’ll corporately intercede on behalf of others and ourselves.
  3. Giving Learn more about the Season of Giving Opportunities here.
  4. Follow us on Social Media Follow along on our social media platforms for daily inspiration and engagement.