Spring 2017

Alpha Course Generic Syllabus

A course geared toward new believers but open to all, that covers the basic principles of Christianity in a relaxed, engaging environment. Each class starts with a general lesson followed by small group interactions.  Attendees find themselves refreshed in their faith and energized to seek higher levels of commitment.

Becoming One Generic Syllabus

This 10-week course is designed for engaged couples who feel confident that God is leading them toward the covenant of marriage. It provides a biblical blueprint for developing Christ--center marriage.

Biblical Interpretation Generic Syllabus

To familiarize the student with the science of biblical interpretation and set forth principles of Bible Study.  This study will aid the student in knowing the joy, the blessing, the thrill of discovering God’s golden nuggets of truth for himself/herself.

Body By Christ Generic Syllabus

A 10-week biblically-based weight loss course, designed to teach participants how to replace a relationship developed with food with a more loving relationship with God.

Book of John Generic Syllabus1

The Book of John is filled with profound truths and rich spiritual stories.  Stories of Christ's miracles that inspire His followers; stories of death that redeems the lost; and the stories of Resurrection that provides us with hope for eternal glory. Every miracle, teaching, and reaction John writes has one clear purpose to prove that Jesus is the Word, the Messiah, and the Son of God.  The dramatic milestones of Christ's ministry, as portrayed by John, will lead you into a deeper understanding of the ultimate story of Jesus, the Son of God.

Christianity Cults and Religions Generic Syllabus

This is an introductory course that is a biblically-grounded comparison of the beliefs of up to 20 different religious groups.  The core groups that will be compared are Christianity, Mormonism (Latter-day Saints), Jehovah's Witnesses (Watchtower), and Islam. Additional groups that may be compared include Buddhism, New Age, Hinduism, Wicca, Hare Krishna, Unification Church, Nation of Islam, Seventh-day Adventism, Christian Science, Unity School of Christianity, Transcendental Meditation (TM), Scientology, and more as time permits.

Church Doctrine Generic Syllabus

To present students with the foundational beliefs of The First Baptist Church of Glenarden through the teaching of our Church Doctrine.

Cooking 101 Generic Syllabus

A course designed to give a basic overview of what is truly involved in the preparation, cooking and presentation of meals.

Ephesians Man Generic Syllabus

The Ephesians Man is a curriculum based on the Book of Ephesians developed for men who want to have a more powerful connection with Christ. This class will discuss principles on how to successfully apply the Word of God to their marriages, families, careers and finances. 

Ephesians Woman Generic Syllabus

The Ephesians Woman is a curriculum based on the Book of Ephesians developed for women who have a passion for a deeper relationship with Christ and a desire to learn how to apply the Word of God and win the victory in their daily battles (i.e., relationships, marriages, families, careers, finances and other life-related challenges).

Expository Preaching Generic Syllabus

The purpose of Expository Preaching is to help each student understand and identify the different types of messages and be capable of preparing and delivering an expository message.

Financial Freedom 1 Generic Syllabus

God has established certain universal, non-optional principles of life.  Failure to live by these principles will directly affect our attitude towards money.  This course is designed to teach individuals how to take charge of their economic circumstances and live self-sufficient lives as kingdom citizens.

Foundational Principles Generic Syllabus

This course will cover the basic foundational truths for all believers in Jesus Christ as outlined in Hebrews 6:1, 2.  Topics covered include faith, baptisms, resurrection, eternal life and more.  Highly recommended for all believers!

HBI - Introduction-Building Your Marriage Generic Syllabus

To provide an overview of the principles of God’s plan for a godly marriage and to leave generations to come a “Legacy of Love.”

HBIII-Communication In Marriage Generic Syllabus

This course is designed to help married couples strengthen one of their greatest God-given assets in marriage – Communication! As couples work to strengthen this crucial asset, it will impact how they manage conflict, improve their intimacy with one another and with God, and lead to interactions that will be richer and more meaningful.

How to Share the Gospel Generic Syllabus

Learn how to effectively share Jesus Christ with others.  Witnessing can become a way of life, not just something done every now and then.  Sharing the Word of God is easy. 

How to Study the Bible Generic Syllabus

Take your Bible Study to the next level, whether you are a beginner or someone seeking to go deeper in the Word, this course will expose you to the proper study tools and methods needed to understand and interpret God’s Word for yourself.

Leadership Institutes Generic Schedule

The Leadership Institute was established to create a uniformed and structured training program that incorporates all significant components of leadership.  The ultimate goal is to unify and enhance the ability to effectively lead and govern. The Leadership Institute Foundational Certificate consists of six basic modules which are offered on a rotational basis Sunday mornings, 10:00am – 12:00 noon.  Modules 1-6 are offered on successive weeks until all six are completed.  Students that are missing one or more modules can also complete those per the published schedule.  Students will receive a certificate upon completion of all six modules and the submission of the Leadership Institute Student Record sheet signed by each instructor.

Old Testament Survey Part 1 Generic Syllabus

The Old Testament is God’s first revelation of Himself, from the creation of the universe, the Earth and Mankind.  It is a history of God’s redemptive plan and it lays the foundation for the New Testament.  The Old Testament looks ahead and the New Testament looks back and traces the history of God’s covenant people.  This course will provide an overview of the Old Testament books from Genesis to Esther.

Old Testament Survey Part 2 Generic Syllabus

To survey the poetry and prophetic books of the Bible, and explore how they relate to the New Testament and life today. To provide an overview of the Old Testament Books from Job to Malachi.