Fall 2017

Advanced Expository Preaching Generic Syllabus

The purpose of Expository Preaching is to strengthen the student’s base in constructing expository sermons while enhancing their skills at developing the various elements of a strong expository sermon.

Alpha Course Generic Syllabus

A course geared toward new believers but open to all, that covers the basic principles of Christianity in a relaxed, engaging environment. Each class starts with a general lesson followed by small group interactions. Attendees find themselves refreshed in their faith and energized to seek higher levels of commitment.

Becoming One Generic Syllabus

This 10-week course is designed for engaged couples who feel confident that God is leading them toward the covenant of marriage. It provides a biblical blueprint for developing Christ--center marriage.

Biblical Interpretation Generic Syllabus

To familiarize the student with the science of biblical interpretation and set forth principles of Bible Study. This study will aid the student in knowing the joy, the blessing, the thrill of discovering God’s golden nuggets of truth for himself/herself.

Biblical Leadership Generic Syllabus

This relevant and important study helps the student grasp a New Testament picture of leadership that is person-centered and team-centered. Rather than basing ministry on secular principles, learn to use the timeless biblical strategies to empower and connect people in ministry based on their gifts, as they grow in self-perception and vision as a leader.

Christian Ethics Generic Syllabus

This course explores the difference between “ethics” and “morals” and challenges believers to approach ethical topics from a basis rooted in the absolutes of God’s Word. Students will learn how to think biblically while examining such critical, timely topics as abortion, euthanasia, bioethics, human sexuality, politics, war, capital punishment, race, the arts, and the environment. The Christian walk with God will be strengthened while the student formulates a strategy for a victorious Christian lifestyle in today’s world.

Church Doctrine Generic Syllabus

To present students with the foundational beliefs of The First Baptist Church of Glenarden through the teaching of our Church Doctrine. To establish and solidify foundational truths from the Word of God and to give insight and direction to the study of Christian beliefs found in the Word of God.

Church History Generic Syllabus

To present students a broad overview of the church from the Day of Pentecost to the present, and significant principles which affect the church today.

Effective Communication Generic Syllabus

This course is designed to help each student develop the skills necessary to speak one-on-one and in groups, with clarity and confidence. At the completion of this course, participants will be able to assess personal speaking strengths and development needs, discuss and demonstrate growth as a speaker in a variety of venues, and develop a plan for continuous improvement.

Financial Freedom 2 Generic Syllabus

This course builds on the principles learned in Financial Freedom 1. The student learns how to budget and use Godly principles to maintain financial freedom. To convey that money is a trust from God and must be earned and managed according to scriptural principles. To help students begin to organize their financial affairs according to biblical principles through hands on exercises (doing budgets, eliminating debt, renegotiating debt, choosing the right insurance plan, etc.) and financial planning for the future.

Foundational Principles Generic Syllabus

This course will cover the basic foundational truths for all believers in Jesus Christ as outlined in Hebrews 6:1, 2. Topics covered include faith, baptisms, resurrection, eternal life and more. Highly recommended for all believers!

HBIII-Improving Communication In Your Marriage Generic Syllabus

This course is designed to help married couples strengthen one of their greatest God-given assets in marriage – Communication! As couples work to strengthen this crucial asset, it will impact how they manage conflict, improve their intimacy with one another and with God, and lead to interactions that will be richer and more meaningful.

HBV-Managing Money In Your Marriage Generic Syllabus

Couples will address money-management principles and simultaneously strengthen their marriage. This course is designed to bring husbands and wives closer to God and to one another as they learn to manage money wisely, practice financial stewardship in light of God\'s Word, set wise financial goals that honor God, understand how borrowing money can affect long-term financial success, and understand the principle of giving in relation to financial freedom. Both spouses must register and attend.

Intro to Christian Education Generic Syllabus

This course offers a preliminary orientation into the field of Christian Education. Since Christian Education is vitally related to both the ministry of the church and the life of the individual Christian, it must be built upon solid foundations which will be explored in this course.

Ministers Class Generic Syllabus

The purpose of the Minister’s Class is to help the student understand the role and responsibilities of a minister. The class purposes to help each student understand their calling and their purpose as it relates to the ministry. At the end of this course, you should understand the basic responsibilities and expectations for a minister and determine whether you have a calling on your life for the “licensed” ministry. Reminder: This class is not designed to prove one’s calling or capacity for ministry, but to teach the main issues of ministry.

New Testament Survey Generic Syllabus1

The Old Testament is a book of promises while the New Testament is a book of fulfillment. Beginning with Genesis God promised a Redeemer; and Jesus Christ fulfilled that promise. The Christ of prophecy in the Old Testament becomes the Christ of history and salvation in the Gospels; the Christ of experience in the Epistles and the Christ of Glory in Revelation.

Old Testament Survey Pt 1 Generic Syllabus

The Old Testament is God’s first revelation of Himself, from the creation of the universe, the Earth and Mankind. It is a history of God’s redemptive plan and it lays the  foundation for the New Testament. The Old Testament looks ahead and the New Testament looks back and traces the history of God’s covenant people. This course will provide an overview of the Old Testament books from Genesis to Esther.

Old Testament Survey Pt 2 Generic Syllabus

To survey the poetry and prophetic books of the Bible, and explore how they relate to the New Testament and life today. To provide an overview of the Old Testament Books from Job to Malachi.

So You Think You Want to Get Married Generic Syllabus

For purposes of this class, the term couple is defined as two people, male and female, who have mutually identified each other as possible candidates for marriage. This class is designed to assist couples in validating their call into marriage by God. The class gives the couple the opportunity to safely explore and evaluate their decision to love for a lifetime. Engaged or not, this class helps the couple understand - if this is their season for marriage. The objective of the class is to help each couple establish and identify Godly boundaries and expectations so that the decision to marry is a decision led by the Lord. Through a combination of couple building exercises, key scripture memorization and classroom discussions based upon the Word of God, our goal is for each couple to become equipped so that their God-directed decision to marry or not can be fully determined.

Spiritual Gifts Their Purpose and Power Generic Syllabus

Join us for a three-session study on spiritual gifts that will revolutionize the way you understand “ministry.” In a fun, relaxed, interactive environment, the instructor will help you dive deep into the scriptures and learn about spiritual gifts: God’s purpose for spiritual gifts and how every Christian can discover their gifts. How understanding your gift and the gifts of others removes jealously and pride as well as creates unity and respect in its place. Why some churches practice all of the gifts and others do not. Receive teaching on 30 unique spiritual gifts including: Teaching, serving, prophecy; Discernment, evangelism, leadership; Healing, worship, the interpretation of dreams; And many more…