First Baptist Church of Glenarden Criteria to Teach

  1. Must be saved and a member in good standing with First Baptist Church of Glenarden, which means:
    1. Regularly attends worship and prayer services
    2. Committed to/involved in at least one ministry of the church
    3. Active in a teaching ministry
    4. Financially supports the church through tithes and offerings
    5. Regularly attends Communion service
  2. Must submit a Teacher Application along with a ministry reference letter.
  3. Must sign the FBCG Doctrinal statement.
  4. Must complete the following Institute classes (prior experience/training or test out may be substituted with approval of Pastor Jenkins and/or the Education & Training Ministries department head):
    Introduction to Christian Education New Testament Survey
    Church Doctrine Teaching Techniques
    Old Testament Survey, Parts I & II How To Study the Bible
    How to Share the Gospel (ACCT/CWT)  
  5. Must attend In-Service Training and Leadership Training (as scheduled). 
  6. Must observe the class that you want to teach, unless waived by the ministry leader. 
  7. Must have a satisfactory evaluation by ministry leader. 
  8. Exceptions to the above criteria are at the discretion of Pastor Jenkins and/or the Education & Training Ministries department head.